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If everyone walked for at least 30 minutes every day, more than 40% of heart attacks could be prevented.

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One major goal of MHIBC is to provide practical, current, comprehensive health information in an organized and understandable format.

The concept of health is a complex and expansive subject.  A person’s health, or lack thereof, is determined by a complex mix of genetic and biological factors, blended with psychological states and traits like enthusiasm, confidence, mood, and sociability.  The workings of society and culture steer us all (men and women) into roles, stereotypes and behaviours.

We can classify a number of health concerns as “men only” issues: we’re built differently than women: we have testicles, a prostate, and a penis.  Prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and premature ejaculation are some of the most common topics in this category.

The next big umbrella comprises the conditions that men and women share, but don’t necessarily share alike. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, many common cancers, addictions, abuses, accidents are the areas where men outpace women in numbers and severity.

Finally, many of the diseases that affect women preferentially are barely on the radar for men, and are not particularly well-considered or managed from the male perspective. Simply put, guys aren’t talking about urgent health concerns like osteoporosis and depression.

This initiative is small, but growing.  As we establish more programs in clinical care, research, and health planning and promotion, the MHIBC existence will be largely web-based here on aboutmen.ca.  We promise to update and add content on a regular basis.

Now it’s your turn to explore aboutmen.ca.   Get to it!

For informative videos on Health Assessments visit HealthChoices.ca

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