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Testosterone fueling foods


New fathers, beware: a new study has found testosterone levels go down when you become a dad. It's nature's way of making fathers more family-oriented. Thanks for that. But if you'd like to hold on to your sex drive and muscle building potential then up your levels with these five foods that are high in zinc to boost the manly hormone.

Chocolate - especially the dark kind - is said to have a good effect on the sex drive of both men and women. Dark chocolate is also good for your heart and sets the women's pulse racing when had during foreplay.

Broccoli is a natural testosterone booster. It is a cruciferous vegetable like cauliflower and cabbage which flushes out estrogen from the body helping the maintain the level of testosterone.

Dietary zinc is the most important mineral for testosterone production and its best source is animal meat. Zinc, found in animals rather than that in fruits or vegetables, is known to boost sex drive.

Its strong smell may keep you away from it but research has proved that garlic can boost libido. An article in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that garlic supports the production of hormones that stimulate testosterone.

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