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There's a new gathering place for men over 50 and those who know (and love) them


Bob Foulkes on behalf of The WisdomFishing.com Editorial Board

WisdomFishing is an eclectic blog, a roundtable of regulars from the neighborhood coffee shop, a conversation with old friends, a walk in the woods with a buddy, time shared by boys being boys.

It's a crowd of guys all of whom who like to think and talk, who may have never met but who have much in common.

WisdomFishing is about how we are going to lead our lives. We have choices, we can live the last third or our lives in many ways, there are things we can do or say, attitudes we can share that can improve everything.

Why not give us a look? Visit http://www.wisdomfishing.com and sign up for a free subscription. You'll get an email alert each time we post a new story.

Please forward the link to your friends over 50, to your father, your brother or, if you are of the female persuasion, to those men in your life who could use more wit and wisdom in their lives. 

Better still, sign them up by yourself — use the easy Subscribe button in the bottom right corner of the Home page. A WisdomFishing subscription would make a thoughtful Christmas gift, and it won’t cost you anything.

You’re not an over-50 male? Why not read us anyway and offer comments for our edification? Wisdom resides everywhere. 

But as Mark Twain put it, “Anyone looking for lessons here will be shot.” We do not promise to change your life, maybe to look at it a bit differently and with more options.

Source: http://WisdomFishing.com

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