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Studies suggest that young men are more likely to bully or be bullied, and this can contribute to anxiety.

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The Men’s Health Initiative of BC (MHIBC) is a large-scale initiative aimed at improving men’s health and quality of life through leadership, awareness and education campaigns, research, and disseminating best practices in clinical care.  While the focus is on males, MHIBC does not adopt an “exclusivity” approach; rather, similar to women’s programs, a gender-approach is taken to health, highlighting key biological, social and cultural determinants for the best health care possible.

The MHIBC will improve health and decrease disease in British Columbia’s men, and, in doing so, will also benefit their spouses and children, their extended families, and their communities.


  • Reduce premature mortality rates among men by better understanding men’s attitudes to health, investing in male sensitive approaches to healthcare provisions, initiating healthcare education early on in life for boys and young men in schools and diverse communities, and developing coordinated national health and social policies based on standards of care
  • Provide a multifaceted resource for healthcare practitioners locally, nationally and beyond
  • Create a thriving men’s health research environment
  • Reduce the burden on our healthcare system by avoiding or delaying preventable illnesses and deaths in men

To help meet these objectives, the MHIBC created this male-focused website.


The aim of aboutmen.ca is to provide online access to qualified information about men’s health.  It is intended to help men better manage their own healthcare, and provide information for men, their partners, families, and healthcare practitioners.

The information on this site is intended to be educational and generate needed awareness of men’s health, and to help improve understanding and knowledge of a range of male-focused issues.  By providing access to both men and healthcare professionals it is hoped that a shared approach to treatment and prevention can be created.

The intention of aboutmen.ca is to continually provide current and relevant features and information to our audiences.  In an effort to eliminate bias, we do not allow advertising on aboutmen.ca.

The information provided is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health practitioner, but rather a complementary information aid to men.  We strongly encourage all men to have a family doctor for any personal health concerns and visit them prior to any serious illness or injury.

The Men’s Health Initiative of BC is an academic program of the Department of Urologic Sciences of the University of British Columbia, led by Dr. Larry Goldenberg OBC, MD, Professor and Head of the Department of Urologic Sciences of the University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital.


The information on this site is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide clinical diagnosis or be a substitute for professional medical advice from a healthcare practitioner.

While the information on this site is carefully reviewed, the MHIBC does not take any responsibility nor liability for the medical accuracy of published or linked information. It is the users’ responsibility to check for accuracy and relevance of the information.

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